Vacation Bible School
You may speak but a word to a child, and in that child, there may be slumbering a noble heart which shall stir the Christian Church in years to come - Charles Spurgeon

What is Vacation Bible School?

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a holiday program where children can learn about God and the Christian faith through Bible stories, interactive discussions, and fun activities.  The purpose of this program is to foster children’s spiritual interest and to feed their spiritual hunger by exposing them to the Truth.

The curriculum and themes are designed to help children counter spiritual challenges they will face throughout their lives. Every day, the children are fed with secular ideas and worldviews by their surroundings, such as school, social media, and entertainment. If they are not equipped with God’s truth, these messages can weaken their faith and pull them away from God.

We will provide teachers and group leaders who are equipped and diverse (in terms of age and gender) and in sufficient numbers to provide opportunities for children to relate and be educated by various adults, men and women with an intergenerational setting that supports the formation of children’s faith.

Parent Testimony

“It is so encouraging that our kids came back from VBS this Monday with some questions and curiosity about God. They love coming to VBS very much. I believe your work has been well-accepted and pleased God. And the words of God have been put into the kids’ hearts, which is very essential to developing their spiritual lives. Please continue VBS once/twice every year. Appreciate your teamwork for God and may God bless all your work for His name!”

We believe your children should join
our VBS program.


Our program is:

Biblically sound
The programs will deliver strong biblical doctrines as a foundation to build true faith in Him. We strongly emphasise the teachings of the Bible and its application to the children’s daily lives.

A personal approach
We adopt a more personal approach to how we teach by dividing children into small groups, in accordance with their age.

Varied in applications & Christian worldview
We teach the children about God’s Word through creative activities such as science projects, arts and crafts, culture and mission, music appreciation and digital wisdom.

Zealous for Evangelism
We hope to kindle the children’s zeal for evangelism, so that they may not only learn about God, but also share the gospel with others, as is the calling for every Christian.

Onsite and Online
The program is available online and onsite according to conditions.

Hear from the Parents

Our two boys, Samuel and Daniel, thoroughly enjoyed VBS and learnt so much from worship, bible stories, games, crafts and building friendships with peers and teachers alike. Such meaningful three days of activities and programme and they were excited to come again next time!

Sing-Sing and Elisa

Parents of Samuel and Daniel

I am really grateful for the opportunity God has given me to teach one of the lessons in VBS. Why did I want to teach at VBS, which requires a lot of preparation and practice in the midst of a busy life? Only because God reminded me to hear His call to live out and proclaim His words to others, as well as His promise in Isaiah 55: 10-11, that His words never fail to accomplish His good purposes. I felt His guidance during my preparation time and also in VBS itself. My greatest joy was when the children listened to the Word of God enthusiastically and asked questions to know more about God’s word. To Him be the glory forever.


VBS Teacher