Why do we need Teens and Youth Groups?

As our young people transition to adulthood, we strive to disciple and walk with them in formulating their own spiritual convictions as they understand, apply, and delight in God’s Word. Our aim is to have our students familiar with the foundation of Christianity- embracing Christ in their mind, heart and actions. We have 3 avenues to minister to the youth.

Teens and Youth
Sunday Class

Sundays at 9.30 am | 1st floor Room 01

Worship will be combined, classes will be divided into Junior (Year 7-9) and Senior (Year 10-12).

With material discussed with our Pastor, our teachers work with the students through a range of curriculum each year. Topics range from trusting in God, reading God’s words, biblical manhood & womanhood and many more. All study materials can be viewed here.

The class will be interactive, with teachers going through the lesson as we include small group discussions throughout the class. We invite students to think critically and ask questions about Christianity. We also start to mentor and delegate responsibilities to students so that they may learn to serve.

Kairos Youth

Every 1st and 3rd Fridays

Past topics:
The Reason for God, Mental Health, Church & Injustice, the Fruit of the Spirit, 7 Deadly Sins

From them and for them, this fellowship provides a platform for our youth to train their leadership skills. They will organise the schedule, logistics and praise & worship sessions while being assisted by their mentors. We cover a wide range of topics, requested by them to suit their needs and interest as they are growing in faith and discovering their identity in Christ.

The fellowship also aims to strengthen their friendship as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We hold fun activities to enjoy the time of togetherness (ranging from BBQs, movie nights, board games nights)


Youth Small Groups

Every 2nd and 4th Fridays

Time and location vary as agreed among the members

Led by mentors who are eager to learn and grow together as disciples of Christ, our small groups reflect an intimate community where our youths can informally but openly share about the ups and downs of life with one another. They will rejoice together, grieve together, and encourage one another, living out the principle that two is better than one, for if any of them should fall, the rest will be there to help them up (Ecc. 4:9-10).

We currently have two active small groups – one male group and one female group, each tailored to suit the spiritual needs and curiosity of our youths.

For the Parents

We also welcome parents in partnering with us to disciple the youths: through 1-on-1 consultation between parents and teachers every year, lesson summary every week, personal feedback, hosting activities at your homes and more. While these are optional, throughout the years we have witnessed how communication and involvement between parents and teachers can help and assist with our discipleship of the youths.