Our ministry exists to interpret the word of God to English speakers


Our Vision is to grow together as interpreters who, not only are fluent in English, but also have a strong foundation in Scripture and a conviction that evangelism is a calling for every Christian. By growing in number we are advancing the Kingdom of God and His gospel may advance to every corner of the earth.


Our Mission is to fulfil Christ’s calling of making disciples of all nations: specifically those of the English congregation. We believe that everyone should be given equal opportunity to hear God’s word no matter where they are from, and given our context it is best done in English.

Interpretation at a glance.

This is the Interpretation team page. Here you will find our Vision and Mission, and how we do interpretation at IREC Melbourne.


Some may ask, what is the difference between Interpreting and Translating? Translating is simply converting words and phrases from one language into another. Interpretation on that other hand is receiving God’s word into our fertile hearts, and then bringing that same word in a different language to the hearts of those that require it.

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