VBS  2021

Terms and Conditions

IREC Melbourne’s VBS protects you and your child’s personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988. If you need more information about our Vacation Bible School (VBS) or would like to discuss any matters relating to our program, please do not hesitate to email us at vbs@irecmelbourne.org


Regarding your information:
1. You confirm that you are the parent or legal guardian or authorised adult of the registered child.
2. All the information provided to IREC Melbourne’s VBS for you and the registered child in this form is accurate and complete in all respects. This information will be promptly updated by you as and when is required.

Regarding your consents and authorisations:
3. You give permission for the registered child to participate in all online VBS sessions.
4. You consent for us to take photos and video recordings during our VBS activities. These photos/ video recordings are used for our archival records, documentation, as well as for promotional video of our future VBS program. Should you not wish for us to use the photos and videos of your child for promotional and advertising of IREC VBS Program, please select the appropriate option IN OUR ONLINE FORM.
5. You consent for us to record your child's presentation during the Presentation and Celebration day (Saturday) and possibly livestream it via YouTube. This means that your child's image may appear in the YouTube livestreaming of the event.
6. IREC Melbourne disallows parents/guardians and participants to record, take photos or screenshots any of the sessions.



Regarding Your Child’s Participation
7. You will provide all equipment needed for your child to join the program as specified on IT System Requirements section (IN OUR ONLINE FORM).
8. All IREC Melbourne’s VBS participants have the right to be involved in a positive environment. Bullying, inappropriate comments/shared screen will not be tolerated.
9. If the registered child demonstrates inappropriate behaviour and does not meet the VBS policy for standards of behaviour; then following our behaviour guidance procedures, VBS reserves the right to suspend the child’s participation.
10. You will ensure that the registered child is in good health to join the VBS program and participate in the online sessions.
11. VBS program includes breaks for snack. You are advised to provide snack for your registered child within the designated time. Please ensure that they will be ready for the next session on time.
12. Your registered child will be put in a class according to their school year level. Within the class, they will also be grouped and accompanied by one or two group leader/s. Groupings are decided by the VBS teachers. This means that your registered child may not be in the same group with their preferred friends.
13. Siblings may share one device in cases where there are only limited number of devices available in the household. However, we ask that you please email us this information no later than the 13th of June. This will allow us enough time to organise their group arrangement.

Regarding Changes/Cancellation of Attendance
14. There is no refund after the registration is closed (i.e.14/06/2021)
15. IREC Melbourne’s VBS Committee reserves the right to cancel or postpone the VBS program due to factors that may arise beyond the VBS Committee ‘s control. In the event that a scheduled day is cancelled by IREC Melbourne, you will be immediately notified and the paid registration fee for the cancelled day will be refunded in full.