Not as it seems

Not as it seems

June 6, 2021

Book: 2 Samuel

Dreams Built upon sand

Well, it’s strange what moves people today. Last December I did what almost all of you did and I went and watched The Two Towers, the second in the trilogy of “The Lord of the Rings.” And I was stunned by the sequence of events with big, great, triumphant walking trees and boulders being lobbed out of the castle and smashing Sauron’s hordes to pieces and Legolas skateboarding down the castle shooting as he went and the great perfect, white horse arrival is charging into the hordes of Sauron. I loved it! It was my anniversary — number 34.

And we went out to dinner afterward, and I said to Noël, “You know what I like about that movie most? It made me admire and tremble at Jesus Christ more.” And she said, “Why is that?” I said, “Because as I sat there watching, I thought, ‘Now even if these events were true they took place on earth or Middle Earth, and earth is a small planet in a solar system about seven billion miles across. And the solar system is just a small little system in the Milky Way galaxy which is about 600,000 trillion miles across and the galaxy that we live in is a modest, relatively large size galaxy in a universe that probably has about one hundred million such galaxies in it, and Jesus Christ put this in place with the flick of his little finger.’