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Jesus, the Champion, the Priest.

Hebrews 2:10-18

The second part of Hebrews chapter two expands on the role of Christ as the champion and priest of God’s people. In historic times, a selected champion would usually emerge as a representative for the army and the nation. The author of Hebrews continues to explain how Christ fulfils the role of the champion as He fights for us and everything will be given in subjection to Him. Throughout the Bible, it is notable to find the story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17:4, 8-11) to be a portrayal of sending a champion to duel..

As Champion:

It is in God’s goodwill and plan of salvation for mankind that He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, as a man fully in body and soul. When God decided to do so with His infinite wisdom, Christ has become our representative in the duel against sin and temptation. By being the full representative, Christ went through what we experience as humans but without sin. The sinless nature of Christ is what makes Him the hope of mankind and our source of salvation. However, if Christ only came in bodily terms to become human without the soul of man, He will not understand the suffering, pain, struggles and weaknesses that we face as sinful men. In verses twelve and thirteen we learn that Christ was not ashamed to stoop down and be like us so that He can live like us and we can learn to trust in Him more and more.

As a result of trusting in Jesus Christ, we will be able to conquer sin and no longer be enslaved to the slavery of sin. Consequently, as sinners, we are doomed to eternal death and separation from God. Why? We are separated because we have broken the laws that God instituted for His people. Therefore, we are bound for death, but Christ cancelled it out on the cross and in the resurrection, which marks His victory over death. We can then be rest assured that the power of Christ will be given when we admit our need for Him as we realize our weaknesses and sins. Above all, let us take comfort in the fact that Christ has vanquished the foe named death and we should not be afraid, but instead have hope in the champion. In addition to being the champion, we also see Christ as a high priest.

As Priest:

The priest in Old Testament times was a representative of God’s people to present the burnt offerings that were made to forgive sins. In contrast, we should note that priests themselves are still sinful beings, which is why they take the utmost care in preparing and becoming a priest. These ceremonial laws of the Old Testament all point towards Christ, who was sinless unlike other priests. As the Israelites were carrying out the practice of sacrificing animals, they are placing their faith in the coming of Christ. Christ has become our perfect Priest and representative on the cross to receive the judgment of God and to take away our sins. There is now a fatherly love like the father of the prodigal son that embraces us, sinners, into His home. Above all, we are now living in victory alongside the true Champion and Priest who understands and cares for us sinners as we learn to trust in Him more and more.




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