Last Words of David

Last Words of David

October 31, 2021

Series: Old Testament

Book: 2 Samuel

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Bible Passage: 2 Samuel 23:1-7

From verse 1-3a, this is the introduction of what David is going to say but this introduction is very important for preparing us to receive the Words of God. Before David start speaking, he gives quite long introduction, he wants to say that the words he’s about to say are the Words of God because the Spirit of the Lord is speaking through him. This is very important for us today so we may have the right heart to understand what is being said afterward. To hear the Words of God is not only about the content but just as important our heart’s attitude towards hearing the Words. We see this in the work of Jesus too, if the people did not have the heart to understand, it was useless. One of the greatest miracles is when Jesus raised Lazarus from the death, Jesus is the resurrection and live because He did not say in the name of the Lord, He said directly Lazarus come out. It shows He is the Lord, He is the Lord who has authority over live and death. What happened when the Pharisees saw this work of God? They did not believe but instead they conspire to kill Jesus and Lazarus.

Assurance of the Words of God becomes the foundation of reformation by Martin Luther. He truly understood that it was not his own greatness, his own bravery or even his own faith but the greatness of God that he had faith in that work these things. This is the first point, when we have faith in this sure and eternal Words of God then we can have comfort and strength to work the work of God in this world. In this time of uncertainty, let this be reminder for us to lean on the Words of God, the Kingdom of God which will not change and it’s eternal, for us to have faith in the sovereign God whose promised will not change.

Second thing we can learn from this passage is that Kingdom of God is not only sure but also refreshing (verse 3b-4). This is the picture of a king who brings refreshment to his people because he rules in the fear of the Lord, this is the picture of a king who rules in justice and works to bring good for people under him. This just ruler points to the Messiah who will come from the line of David, He will rule with a pure justice and will dawn like morning light, He will give refreshment, great hope and great strength to the people of God. This is what Martin Luther did too, during that time all of the Christians were Roman Catholic, they were living under great deal of burden because even the church was persecuting them with false teaching and false motivation. When Luther preached that salvation was a grace of God, can only be found in Christ through faith, that was great refreshment to the people. The truth, the Words of God, the Kingdom of God bring refreshment, strength and hope to the people of God. Following God surely has its difficulties too but Christians who follow God they will find refreshment, comfort, hope that we can find only in God. When we realize the burden of our sins and we come to God, that is when we receive refreshment and hope.

Third point, the Kingdom of God is exclusive (verse 6-7). The Kingdom of God is sure and refreshing but not all who desire this Kingdom of God will come to the king and submit to him, these are evil men. They will be collected with the shaft of the spear and consumed with fire. The Kingdom of God which is already arrived when Jesus came for the first time and will be perfected with Christ second coming, this kingdom has an aspect of restoration and destruction, salvation and judgement. Exclusive means that the Kingdom of God will come to those people of God who submit and listen to the king and those who do not want to come and bow to the holy, just and true God will be thrown away forever from His presence. This is the reminder so that His people will return and come to the Lord with sincere heart, for all of us may we understand these different aspects of the Kingdom of God which is sure, bring refreshment and exclusive to the people of God who loves and fears the Lord. This doesn’t mean we can be perfect in doing the will of the Lord but at the same time we understand the calling of the Words of God, we understand our own weakness and this will drive us to lean on God, to rely on God for His help to do His will in our lives.